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News bd NID Registration of Election commission bd, ec,ecs, ecb,EC bd, NID card Bangladesh, NID bd are the same institution Election Commission Bangladesh. NID card Bangladesh, provide some important services for all Bangladeshi Voter Registration for smart Voter ID/National ID card BD: Voter ID card/ national ID card now online registration link on our website. Bangladesh Election Commission offer real chance to apply for Bangladeshi new 18 years old people for Voter ID card or National ID card. Check details of New Voter ID Registration Process from below firstly offline or manually- next online, Emergency Process

There are some important documents which are needed to registration. They are given below:-
1. SSC Certificate (Age verification certificate)
2. Birth Certificate (Age verification certificate)
3. Passport/ Driving License/ TIN (Age verification certificate)
4. Photocopy of Utility bill/ house rent receipt/ holding tax receipt (Citizenship verification certificate)
5. Citizenship verification certificate (As applicable)

6. Photocopy of father, mother, husband/ wife ID card (if applicable)

News bd NID Correction: In case of correction of your NID information, the applicant must apply with supporting document according to your correction type. You may be submitted as a proof of corrected information such as SSC certificate will get priorities if the voter is SSC qualified. Besides, birth registration certificate, passport, driving license, marriage/ divorce certificate, and newspaper published circulation, magistrate court affidavit, service book etcfor voter id Correction.

News bd NID Address change or migration of voter area: Those who already registered as a voter and get NID bd card but need to change address or migrate of their voter area. They have to fill up migration form. You collect this form from your local Upazila election office and submitted. A photo copy of your NID card has to be attached with the migration form. Download address change or migration form.

News bd NID lost or damaged If a national identity (NID) card of any citizen/ voter lost or damaged in any way, he /she may apply in prescribed manner to Upazila election office for a fresh one provide by election commission bd. If lost NID you need make a general dairy in the local police station including the NID number or voter number. Collect the free application form from your local Upazila election office or district election office. Lost NID application form download after submitting the form, a received memo will be provided with a delivery date.

News bd NID Voters await National ID card (Smart Card) Election commission Bangladesh takes a project to replace the laminated ID cards to smart card, machine-readable and counterfeit-proof ‘smart card’. I don’t know, those national smart cards when will actually time to start distributing. I hope within short time smart card will be start to distributing to voters? Election commission bd Smart id card distribution

News bd NID SIM Re- Registration Started in Bangladesh-Do it now You go to the mobile phone operators customer care centers with a photocopy of national ID card, 2 passport size photo(new), SIM card, Old registration papers (If not available: Fnf numbers, last recharge, value added service details). If your fingerprint doesn’t match the national database then you will be go to your local election office for give re-biometric process where you voter.

News bd NID service charges Voter can now pay charges of national identity card related services-correction, lost id recollection through Dutch-Bangla Bank and Trust Bank. Service seekers can pay the NID service charges through both online & mobile banking channels of the two banks. Voter will be able to pay the charges using their ATM card as well. the service receivers can pay the charges to the Code No 1-0601-0001-1847 through treasury voucher from any treasury branch of Sonali Bank and all branches of Bangladesh Bank or send the charges through pay order or bank draft from any bank to the EC Secretary.To avail the NID services, people need to submit the forms with supportive documents and payment slip of the charges to the EC Upazila and Thana offices across the country.

News bd NID The Non Resident Bangladeshi can get their smart national ID or voter ID card. They can enlist voter list or electoral roll & get their ID any time & any months. To get the card they need to come to Bangladesh. They must have-
1. Passports, Arrival seals in passports.
2. If they don’t have the passports, they need to show such documents which will prove them as they stayed in abroad.
3. There they will be needed to fill up the forms (form 2 & form 11) for National or Voter ID card.
4. SSC Certificate (Age verification certificate)
5. Birth Certificate (Age verification certificate)
6. Passport/ Driving License/ TIN (Age verification certificate)
7. Photocopy of Utility bill/ house rent receipt/ holding tax receipt (Citizenship verification certificate)
8. Citizenship verification certificate (As applicable)

9. Photocopy of father, mother, husband/ wife ID card (if applicable)

News bd NID Registration Online Process Only 18 years old people and Overseas or excluded Voters can register through online.
1. Please fill in the bland online Registration form step by step with valid information.
2. All information Fill in Bangal Language (Unicode) without your full name.
3. After completing all form fill-up step, please check again your all information.
4. Then make a PDF files to print and submit this file with the required documents on your closest Upazila / thana Election Office (That you selected the form)
5. When you submit all file then Upazila/ Thana Election Officers will verify your information, they will start process to create your name enlisted voter list and Voter ID or National ID card.

News bd NID form collection or download You will go to your local Upazila/ thana election office and Collect free of cost voter registration form, lost id card issue form,address change form and correction application form.You can also Download all forms without Registration form.

National ID card Checker

  • Name
  • Father Name and Father NID
  • Mother Name Mother NID
  • Year of Death (if applicable)
  • Spouse Name Not Applicable.
  • Get started now.


New voter registration Correction Lost ID card Form download & Get smart national ID card
manually,online, Emergency Process NID all status Replacement smart national ID card


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