Upcoming elections & referendums in the UK.

Upcoming elections & referendums
Elections and referendums in 2017
On this page you can find information about upcoming elections and referendums in the UK.
A Northern Ireland Assembly election is taking place on Thursday 2 March.

Find out more about the Northern Ireland Assembly election

The following elections are taking place on 4 May 2017:

Local government elections in England, Wales and Scotland
Mayoral elections in England – including combined local authority mayoral elections

National ID card Checker

Data which will be need for verify your national ID card
*Father Name and Father NID
*Mother Name Mother NID
*Year of Death (if applicable)
* Spouse Name Not Applicable
*Date of Birth
*Place of Birth (District)
*Gender: *Marital Status: *Education: *Profession: Disability (if any): Blind Deaf Mute Physical Others Unique Identification Mark.