Voter Registration for Smart National ID card

Voter Registration

Voter Registration for smart Voter ID/National ID card BD: Voter ID card/ national ID card now online registration link on our website. Bangladesh Election Commission offer real chance to apply for Bangladeshi new 18 years old people for Voter ID card or National ID card. Check details of New Voter Registration Process from below firstly offline or manually- next online, Emergency Process:-
How to Apply New Voter Registration for smart Voter ID or National ID card?

Voter Registration for Smart National ID card Manual Process Bangladesh: – It’s simple and easy to apply for new voter ID card Or National Identity card. It’s ongoing process of updating the voter list. Who is a citizen of Bangladesh, usually lives in the area, but still did not register as voters and if your age is 18 years earlier to 1st January 2016 or the corresponding Upazila / Thana Election contact the office in accordance with the schedule (It will given you from local election office to you for capture photo and biometrics) for your registration by full filling out Form-2. Some necessary documents to need for apply of new voter Registration.

Article 122 of the Constitution (II) and The Electoral Act, 009 (Act No. 6 of 2009), according to the Election Commission the responsibility to make the following qualifications have been completed voter lists of citizens-

Qualifications for registration as voter
A person shall be entitled to be enrolled on the electoral roll for a constituency delimited for the purpose election to the parliament, if he
(a) is a citizen of Bangladesh;
(b) is not less than eighteen years of age;
(c) does not stand declared by a competent court to be of unsound mind;
(d) is or is deemed by law to be a resident of that constituency; and
(e) has not been convicted of any offence under the Bangladesh Collaborators (Special Tribunals) order, 1972.

Citizen has to collect form from respective Election Commission Office, fill up and submit to the same with relevant documents for voter registration of voter list & collection of smart national ID-Voter ID Card from local election office.
There are some important documents which are needed to Voter Registration registration. They are given below:-
1. SSC Certificate (Age verification certificate)
2. Birth Certificate (Age verification certificate)
3. Passport/ Driving License/ TIN (Age verification certificate)
4. Photocopy of Utility bill/ house rent receipt/ holding tax receipt (Citizenship verification certificate)
5. Citizenship verification certificate (As applicable)

6. Photocopy of father, mother, husband/ wife ID card (if applicable)

National ID card Checker

  • Name
  • Father Name and Father NID
  • Mother Name Mother NID
  • Year of Death (if applicable)
  • Spouse Name Not Applicable.
  • Get started now.


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